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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Peter Jennings is a Tool

I'd always been fond of Peter Jennings, but on yesterday evening's World News Tonight, Jenning's interview of Karl Rove left me flabergasted. Rove had an agenda (obviously), and that was to shift attention of the Swift Boat Vets controversy away from the incredibly involved involvement of Rove and his minions and to something all Americans can agree upon; the destruction and division wrought upon America by the Vietnam War itself, and John Kerry's betrayal of not only the men who served in the jungles of Nam, but every single American. And Jennings just sat back and let him spill his little speech without so much as a countering point. Despicable. From ABC's excerpted transcript:

JENNINGS: Last night, your friend [Virginia delegate] Morton Blackwell was out on the floor of the convention wearing a Band-Aid with a purple heart, clearly a slap at John Kerry. You approve of that?

ROVE: No, not at all. I think it was inappropriate. John Kerry served with valor and distinction in Vietnam. I understand why people are angry about Vietnam and John Kerry, but I think they ought to keep the focus on where the anger is appropriate, and that is what he said and did when he came back home. I had an uncle who served in Vietnam, did several tours of duty in Vietnam. I don't think he was a war criminal. I don't think that the men under his command routinely raped, and pillaged, and acted like Genghis Kahn. It is what John Kerry did after he came home, and he says that it's legitimate to talk about it. He says that he's proud that he went to Vietnam, and he's proud of what he did when he came back. But I understand why a great many military families, and sons and daughters of veterans, and veterans themselves are angry with being sort of routinely painted as war criminals, when they were not.

Just like the second SBV ad. Great minds do think alike after all. WIthout any sort of collusion of course.....

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