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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Message to Travis Childers, Candidate for MS-01

The next time someone sticks a microphone in your face and tries to play "gotcha" with a reference to Barrack Obama, remember this:

  • By hedging your bets against another Democrat, you provide aid and comfort to your electoral enemy and allow the GOP to continue to hammer home their same tired old saws about "Washington liberals," trying to make you run from your party and make you look weak, waffley, and two-faced.
  • Obama may not have officially endorsed you but he did indeed lend a (perhaps unsolicited) hand by urging his supporters to make calls on your behalf. That's what Democrats do. It's good for the candidate, the party, the movement and ultimately, the country.
  • It's far better to take command of an aggressive move like this by saying something along the lines of :
    "I'll tell you this much: at least Senator Obama and I are - as are all Democrats - speaking to the issues which really matter to the American public and the working people of Mississippi. There's a lot that needs to be done if we're gong to get out of the fix we're in.

    As Democrats, Sen Obama - and Sen. Clinton for that matter - and I are working to bring real change to this country, not to just play games or hijack the public discourse by slinging the same old mud like our friends on the other side. It's pretty clear why they're doing this: They're scared to death of the Democratic wave that's going to sweep this country, as well they should be.

    But as to an official endorsement, I'd have to refer you to Senator Obama's campaign, since there's been no contact between us on the issue. But I'm sure his goal is the same as mine, to bring change to the American people by bringing Democrats in to clean up the mess that's been made."
See how easy that could have been?

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