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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

All ABout the GOTV

We all know that the DCCC has dumped an unprecedented amount of money into the MS-01 race, and Travis Childers has been doing good fund raising too. But, success in this endeavor is going to depend on one thing and one thing only: our ability to get out the vote.

Particularly after three previous elections for this same seat in the last two months or so, there's a degree of voter fatigue. There will be people on the ground, though, and on the phones, working to GOTV. That, like everything else in a campaign, takes money.

If you feel like you'd be willing to throw in to help, and want to drop a couple/few/many bucks into the Childers Jar, Swing State Project and Cotton Mouth are both raising money on ActBlue.

Please do drop whatever bit you can spare into one of the two. That's the money that will get our people to the polls on Tuesday.

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