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Friday, May 02, 2008

DCCC Money on the Fertile Ground of Mississippi

UPDATE: A note to visitors coming from one or another of the sites which have linked to this page. Please do take a minute and check out the main site. Though dormant for well over a year, The Thorn Papers is back for the foreseeable future.

Just thought perhaps those who are interested in the MS-01 race would like to see how some of the big money the DCCC has sunk into the game is being spent. The door hangers below are starting to show up on front doors all across North Mississippi (not quite enough of them yet, but they're coming) in anticipation of the May 13h run off between Travis Childers and Republican Greg Davis.

I've got to say, after so many years of being left out to hang dry by the national Democratic establishment, it's extremely gratifying to see them finally putting some resources into winning this seat. And it is totally winnable.

I should add that, while Childers is rightfully focusing on making this a local race, based on local issues, it's good to see the DCCC doing their job as well, which is to tie every Republican running to the miserably failed policies of the GOP by way of the Bush administration. There's no daylight between those two entities - and the Republican candidates running nationwide - and we should never let the American people forget it.

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