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Monday, May 12, 2008

Eve of Destruction

Thanks to the work of the good folks over at the Swing State Project, we've all been watching the DCCC & RCCC expenditures in MS-01, and we've seen that, while the Democrats have been laying out a good chunk of change on field organization and GOTV efforts in the days leading up to the vote, the Republicans have been dropping thousands on poll after poll after poll (and tons of annoying prozac-voiced robocalls, if we can judge by my own personal experience).

And we all know damn well that if there was something they wanted to report from those polls, we'd have heard about it by now. But there's been a deafening silence.

Well, now we know why. A little bird just informed me that the Republicans' own internal polls are showing Childers up five.

Let's do this, people.

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