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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Late Night

Wow. That was something last night, wasn't it? Obama absolutely dominated in NC - not quite the "game changer" Clinton was hoping for.

For her part, Clinton squeaked out, at best, a tainted win in Indiana, pushed over the top only by way of Republican crossover votes spurred on by Rush Limbaugh's mischief-making (to borrow Chris Matthews' term) "Operation Chaos."

When 13% of the Indianans who voted for HRC tell exit pollsters they will actually vote for McCain against her in the fall, one simply has to wonder.

And word has it that Wes Clark, who'd been a loyal Clinton supporter throughout the primary season, called Hillary to tell her it was time to step aside. Smart guy, that General. Slow on the trigger, but smart.

In any case, this primary season is, for all intents and purposes, over. Come May 20th, Obama will have the necessary delegates to officially take the nomination.

Even if the Michigan and Florida delegates are seated - as is, and in total violation of the rules everyone involved agreed to last Fall - Obama will still have over 100k+ more popular votes and over a hundred more delegates.

Seating Michigan and Florida in violation of DNC rules was Hillary's last hope to take the nomination away from the clear winner. That and convincing the supers to ignore the vote and delegate count. Watch for the remaining super delegates to begin to break en masse to Obama over the coming weeks.

On a side note, Clinton supporter Lisa Caputo, on MSNBC last night, said that even if she won NC (with the momentum she supposedly had) and Indiana, Hillary Clinton would never be able to win over the "devout Obama followers."

Devout, huh? Like some sort of religious fervor? And Hillary has supporters but Barrack has followers?

I just thought that that was an interesting choice of words.

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