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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Erik Fleming & the Progressive Patriots Fund

Senator Russ Feingold, a true patriot in his own right, has established the Progressive Patriots Fund to promote a progressive reform agenda and support candidates across the country.

Mississippi's own Erik Fleming, who is running hard against Thad Cochran in November (it's an uphill battle, but given the historic turnout we're sure to see on Election day, one that is most certainly winnable) is one of Feingold's featured Senate challengers. If Fleming can get enough votes, he'll get some all important financial support from the PPF.

You can vote for him right now, at this link, but there is also an official contest that will begin on the 16th of June, running to the 23rd. The candidate that receives the most email votes during that period will receive financial support and visibility from the PPF. Details:
This event is a contest held by Sen. Russ Feingold's PAC, the Progressive Patriots Fund. The contest highlights nine candidates running for the U.S. Senate and the candidate that receives the most e-mail votes will receive a $5000 contribution from the PAC. The contest starts June 16th and will end at 5:00 P.M (Central Time Zone) on June 23rd. To help Erik win the contest, we need you and your friends to go to the site and vote: http://www.progressivepatriotsfund.com/pickapatriot/vote-senate-challengers-1.html Thank you in advance for your support of the Fleming for U.S. Senate Campaign.
I highly recommend that all progressive Mississippians (as well as all the rest of y'all who understand the value of progressive Mississippi congressional and senatorial representation....if only to tick off the GOP and provide President Obama with the majority we'll need to pass progressive reforms and get this country back on track) take the seconds it will require to give Fleming your vote.

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