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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Template Issues

As you can see from the stock surroundings, the Thorn Papers' custom (if very spartan) design is gone, and I've had to revert to a basic blogger template.

After several emails from IE users, telling me there was nothing but a blank white space, I fired up that inferior browser myself to see. And sure enough, IE had janked the whole page design. Dang. So, thought it easiest to just start anew from scratch. But for now, we're here, in this thing.

Bear with me. In a day or so, this place will look much better. Better than this, anyway.

UPDATE: I suppose this would be an opportune moment to recommend Firefox to all y'all who may be hamstrung by less than awesome browsers. By far the best way to fly.

UPDATE II: Well, this is better than that, but still, only temporary. When I have time to work, I'll get the house cleaned up for y'all.

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