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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ummm, No

Per Reuters (and every other outlet at this point):
Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday she's open to the possibility of being Barack Obama's vice presidential running mate, a Democratic party aide said.

Clinton, who appears on the verge of losing the Democratic presidential nomination to Obama, made the comment in a conference call with fellow members of New York's congressional delegation, the aide said.

The party aide quoted Clinton as saying, when asked about being Obama's running mate: "I am open to it."
There’s no way in hell that Obama would - or should - pick Hillary as a running mate.

Aside from going directly against his message of change and the (desperately needed) new direction he represents for both the party and the country, the acrimony of the primary campaign and the danger of having Bill as a never-ending presence for the next eight years would surely rule such a foolhardy move out.

I was an Edwards man at the beginning of this long hard slog, and obviously wouldn’t be disappointed to see him get the VP nod, though I think he might better serve the country and an Obama administration as Attorney General. Lord knows we need some daylight and repair over at Justice. Speaking of which: I do hope that as soon as this is sewn up, Obama goes ahead and builds a well publicized shadow cabinet, ASAP.

I was in favor of Jim Webb when his name started floating around the 'sphere, but I also think Kathy Geier raises some sound issues. Honestly, though, I haven't given Obama's VP choice all that much thought. Only enough to know it should under no circumstances be Clinton.

There's a whole slew of 21st Century Democrats for Obama to look to and consider. Wes Clark, Kathleen Sebelius, Brian Schweitzer are but a few of the names which come to mind. I definitely think it would be best for both Obama and the nation to look forward and not back in making the choice.

Regardless, I have faith in Obama's judgment on this and so many other matters.

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