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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Local Coverage on Neck and Neck Musgrove-Wicker Race

From WLBT Channel 3 in Jackson:

One thing I'd like to mention. When Wicker says that Clinton vetoed drilling in ANWR in 1995, saying it wouldn't have had an effect for ten years, he's right.

But the sad truth then, as now, is that the effect that it would have had, even had we started way back then, would have been minuscule in relation to our oil consumption and done little to nothing to alleviate today's energy crisis. To say nothing of the effect of energy futures traders, which is in no small part a contributing factor to why oil is priced so high today (in addition to the hard work done by the Bush administration).

To which I'll only add, that anyone, in 2008, who is looking to more oil - from any damn where - as any kind of "solution" to our long term energy dilemma is caught irrevocably in the past and simply doesn't understand where the world is today, nor where it's going from here.

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