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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick Note on "Soul Food"

No, not the yummy kind you eat, but the yummy kind that feeds your soul, and maybe your body, too. I refer to the box over there to the right of this page, below the "Subscribe" icons.

Now, the Thorn Papers have never been much of a money making operation, nor was it ever intended to be, but there are expenses (including the new laptop my old, dying one keeps whispering, rasping, and groaning to me that I'll soon need). And so I've been trying to figure out ways to maybe bring in a little extra change through these pages. Ads suck, and I don't like them anymore than the next guy, or gal, and nobody clicks on them anyway.

Anyway. Let me take y'all back with me a minute here: One of the greatest and most enjoyable periods of my life was the four or five years when I was radio DJ with a weekly show. It was an eclectic show, to say the least, one of the only places where John Coltrane might fade into the Pharcyde, mix it up with Bob Marley and then bump up against the Velvet Underground or Bob Dylan. Reggae, soul, jazz, hip hop, world beat, rock and roll - you name it.

If it was good for the soul, it found a slot. Doing the show felt to me, as I often said, like I was inviting the whole town into my living room, exhorting them all, "Hey...you gotta listen to this." And in my own small way I brought a lot of new music to folks who might otherwise not have heard it. And like I say, it was extremely gratifying to do so.

Now, in that same spirit, what I've gone ahead and done is add that little Soul Food bar over there on the right. I figure that I'll fill it up with things - music, books, movies, that y'all may or may not be familiar with. I can promise you it's all quality stuff, and will do wonders for your disposition, booty shaking and outlook on life.

So, if and when you get a minute, click through the recommendations and see what's what. Most, if not all, of those links will take you to an Amazon page where you'll be able to dig on some samples (of the music anyway), and you just might find something new, something that really floats your boat. If, in the process, you make a purchase and add it to your world, The Thorn Papers will get a cut. Not a big one, but a cut.

But more than that, it'll give me that good old feeling of turning folks on to something new.

Over and out. Give 'em a look.

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