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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chowderhead on a Powderkeg

As Russia's foreign minister declares that the world can just "forget about" Georgia's territorial integrity, and the crisis ratchets up on all sides (including John McCain and his freelance foreign policy....for which he has no jurisdiction nor power to suggest), Brent Budowsky's post at The Hill takes on a new level of import:
John McCain needs to calm down, stop telling the world he speaks for the American people, stop escalating his warlike rhetoric almost by the hour, and stop the phony tough talk that makes a bad situation worse and would only heighten the danger at a dangerous enough moment.

McCain takes too much advice from a lobbyist who makes money paid for by Georgia. He takes too much bandwidth making threats that neither he nor President Bush nor any American president can back up without creating even more damage to American security and more danger to world security.

John McCain should stop talking as though he is the president, and Americans should and I predict will take note of the dangers he would bring, if he ever is the president.

This is true: The Georgians overreached and may have been misled, deliberately by misjudgment or accidentally by mistake, by George Bush and John McCain, into believing that the American military would support them, whatever they did.

This, too, is true: Vladimir Putin is a dangerous man indeed who wants to reconstitute as much of the Soviet empire as he can. We should have no illusions about the dangers caused by this former henchman of the KGB who has adopted repressive tactics at home and launched cruel actions and threats against democratically elected governments in what he believes should be Russia's sphere of influence and control.

This, too, is true: The Bush and McCain obsession with Iraq and Iran has not only done grave damage to our military force structures and deterrent, they have warped our international policy, endangered our national security and created a crisis of inattention from Pakistan to Russia that makes the world a far more dangerous place.

John McCain increasingly sounds like a right-wing blogger. His arrogance in claiming that he speaks for the American people during a dangerous crisis demonstrates greater hubris than anything he will accuse Obama of doing.

McCain's belligerence, bellicosity and bluster on Iraq and Iran and now Russia demonstrate clearly the dangers he would pose as commander in chief when his right-wing blog-like rhetoric could become American military policy in a dangerous world...
Lord but I do wish we had intelligent, thoughtful and reality-based leadership at a time like this. Unfortunately, there's still quite a lot of time for the Bush/McCain forces to throw the world even further in the chaos with their perpetual campaign mindset, which puts satying in power over all else, and damn the real world implications.

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