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Monday, August 11, 2008

Reading the Bones

I can't tell you how happy this would make me if it turned out to be the case.

A) it would, to some degree, immediately castrate the right-wing's ability to feign outrage and drum folks out of the process. By putting Clark on the ticket, Obama would be effectively saying, "We don't care about your game plan. We've got our own," and that would be a welcome "up yours" to a political machine that does everything it can to gin up outrage and steer the media narrative.

It would also underscore the point Wes Clark made for which he was pilloried by the right and a compliant press, which was simply that John McCain's specific military service is not on its own a particular qualification for the much wider role a president must play. It's not even the "ace in the hole" from a Commander in Chief perspective that so many seem to think it is.

B) Obama-Clark would be one hell of a ticket. Not to mention how valuable General Clark's specific experience will be now, what with Russia flexing its muscles in the Caucasus regions (and we should all be realistic: current events in Georgia are probably only the beginning, rather than the sum total, of that exercise) and the implications this will have for other nations, and the independence of Kosovo in particular.

The whole extended region is suddenly a tinderbox, and sparks are flying all over the damn place. Wes Clark brings to the table his very keen and unique insight on the region; its conflicts, its geopolitical sensitivities and importance (as opposed to McCain's lobbyist-informed view), and a strategic understanding of military actions in that neck of the woods, along with many other fine, strong qualities we'd want in a VP candidate.

Anyway, Seth Colter Walls over at the Huffington Post writes of some possible "tells" in the Democrats' veterans-focused convention theme for the third night, when Obama's VP choice will be speaking:
My colleague Sam Stein reported earlier today that Barack Obama's VP choice will speak on the veteran-themed third night of the Democratic convention. As he noted, top Obama officials immediately poured water on any speculation that this coincidence necessarily signals a VP with military experience.

But here's one more interesting connection that hints ever-so-slightly toward the selection of a veteran veep, submitted by a sharp reader.

According to USA Today, the theme for Wednesday, Aug. 27 is "Securing America's Future," which just also happens to be the name of Gen. Wesley Clark's political action committee. (The URL for its website is simply "SecuringAmerica.com," but FEC filings list the full name.)

For what it's worth, an aide to Gen. Clark could not restrain near-riotous laughter when asked if there was anything behind the connection.

"I don't think it's anything more than an interesting coincidence," the aide said in between convulsions. "It's just because his PAC was named so well!"

Still, it's not as though the party is randomly naming each day of the convention. The theme for Thursday, when Obama will speak, is the familiar-sounding "Change You Can Believe In."

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