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Friday, September 12, 2008

Lies and the Lying Liar Who Approved Them

The sheer volume of out and out lies coming from the McCain campaign has been staggering. Thankfully, the media narrative does now seem to be turning its focus on the serial lying itself as opposed to fraudulent dummy issues with which the McCain campaign has been largely successful in hijacking the news cycle. Remember, every day of faux outrage over lipsticked pigs is a day not spent discussing the issues of importance - grave importance - to the American people.

This helps. Spread it around as much as you can.

4 comments: to “ Lies and the Lying Liar Who Approved Them

  • Anonymous
    September 12, 2008 9:14 PM  

    These are exactly the kinds of ads the Dems need to be running in mass media. Republicans don't surf liberal websites, so the overall effect of these excellent ads is limited. Right? I say fight fire with fire. Or more like it, fight lies and mendacity with the truth. Obama can allow 527s and still maintain integrity if he tells the truth. It's not Swiftboating if you're not lying. It's just being responsible. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight. Call a lier a lier. Say it to his face. 52 days....

    Jimmy in Mississippi

  • Anonymous
    September 12, 2008 9:16 PM  

    Rather, call a liar a liar--although I have a few other choice names for them that I will refrain from using.


  • Mitch
    September 13, 2008 9:14 AM  

    Well, the above video has thus far been seen nearly half a million times, and it's only been out for a few days. The NSN ad in the post above this one has had 20,000 views, and I do believe it came out yesterday. And both of those numbers come without spending a dime on advertising buys.

    As people see and forward them on to friends and relatives (hint, hint), that number will grow, hopefully by leaps and bounds. The media narrative is already shifting in Obama's favor, since everyone sees what a serial liar McCain has become.

  • Mitch
    September 13, 2008 9:15 AM  

    And by the way, thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment.

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