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Friday, October 24, 2008

Something's Happening Here

This is shaping up to be a 1980-style map reshaping. Strange bedfellows and wide-ranging coalitions are the order of the day. Via HuffPost:
I spotted the large Obama sign in front of the confederate flag on my way to U.S. Representative Rick Boucher's luncheon in Pearisburg, Virginia, Saturday. As a longtime resident of Giles County, I am accustomed to seeing confederate signs dotting the countryside. One store has confederate flag pillows prominently displayed outside every summer. But, I must admit I was surprised to see the Obama sign with a confederate flag behind it so I stopped to ask about it.

Obama/Biden sign with Confederate flag behind it.

Pete Martin, Obama Supporter

"Well, it's about time for a change, don't you think?" asked Pete Martin, the owner of the store where the sign was prominently displayed. Pete sells produce, camouflage clothing, and of course, confederate flags. I answered "Yes, it is" while I inquired about the apples for sale, $7 for a bushel! I purchased my apples and drove into Pearisburg for the luncheon.

When I arrived, I encountered Willi Dean, a local African-American, who asked if I could get more large Obama/Biden signs. I have been ferrying carloads of these signs, just like the one in front of Pete's store, for several weeks for people to put up all around the county. Willi had been delivering them to African-American families but some were afraid to put up the large signs. "We don't want no trouble" Willi said. But, now, it seemed it was alright since many large signs were sprouting up all over the county.

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