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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Emergency Powers

Yesterday morning on CNN, Jack Cafferty and Bill Hemmer had a little back and forth on how remarkably quiet Iraq has been since the occupation officially ended last week, totally avoiding the facts of daily attacks since the handover and ever splintering and multiplying insurgency groups. Well, despite the talking heads trying hard to voice-over reality and get back on message, Iraq is still engaged. A quagmire it remains. Iraqis and Americans alike, still in danger.

Well, no worries. Our man Allawi is on the case:

The Iraqi government on Wednesday announced a long-anticipated package of security laws to help put down a massive insurgency, including a provision allowing interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to impose martial law.

As the plan was announced, masked gunmen battled Iraqi forces in central Baghdad, while mortars landed near a residence used by Allawi. Iraqi police also defused a massive car bomb elsewhere in the capital.

The "package" allows for L. Paul Allawi to retain CPA-esque authority and to take whatever steps he fells necessary to "restore order."

The laws give Allawi the right to assign curfews, to conduct search operations and detain individuals with weapons on them, once he receives unanimous approval from the Cabinet. It also gives Allawi the right to assign governors, including military leaders, to be in charge of specific area....

... Human Rights Minister Bakhityar Amin compared the law to the U.S. Patriot Act.

"The lives of the Iraqi people are in danger, they are in danger from evil forces, from gangs from terrorists
," Amin said.

Very familiar words. Watch Iraq, America. Watch.

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