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Wednesday, July 07, 2004



Bush, campaigning in Edwards' home state of North Carolina, said he was unconcerned about the potential of Edwards to help carry states in the South — the backbone of Bush's political support.

"When they go to the polls to vote for president, they'll understand the senator from Massachusetts doesn't share their values," Bush said. "I'm going to carry the South because the people understand that they share — we share values."

When a reporter noted that Edwards was being described as "charming, engaging, a nimble campaigner, a populist and even sexy" and then asked "How does he stack up against Dick Cheney?" the president immediately responded, "Dick Cheney can be president. Next?"

Umm, George....hate to be the one to break it to you, but from where we sit, and from where you sat and what you did not do on September 11th, the day of, arguably, the greatest domestic test faced by any American president short of Lincoln and the Civil War, it's pretty clear: Dick Cheney is president.

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