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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Dang. As of this writing, Governor Haley Barbour of my home state of Mississippi is saying there's at least 80 deaths that can be attributed to yesterday's storm, with the count sure to rise. Even in my neck of the woods, the northernmost part of the state, was hit ridiculously hard for a storm so far inland.

We're without power or phones and there's a massive mess around our house, but of the many, many, many trees which surround us on every side, none, not a one, came down. Bits and pieces, huge limbs and such, sure, but no fallen trees. The same can not be said for some of our neighbors though.

Of course, the level of damage up this way is literally nothing compared to what seems to be truly catastrophic damage further south, both on the coast and inland. It will be quite some time before we even really know the extent of the damage suffered. Suffice it to say, there are and will be for quite some time many people in desparate need of help. If you can, do what you can.

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